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Powering Renewable Futures

Leading the charge in renewable energy advancements, IOMA's mission is to transform asset management through unparalleled performance improvement. Our strategy integrates advanced data analytics, powered by the installation of cutting-edge hardware and sensing equipment, to unlock unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in operations and maintenance (O&M). By harnessing the power of sophisticated technology, we are not only optimising renewable asset performance but also accelerating the global adoption of green energy, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future


Changing the future of renewables one asset at a time

Introducing IOMA, the latest innovation emerging from Turner Iceni's pioneering legacy. Born from the dynamic growth of our condition monitoring services, IOMA stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence and advancement in the renewable energy sector.


As a standalone entity, IOMA is poised to redefine industry standards in condition monitoring, inspection works, and associated services. With a singular focus on harnessing cutting-edge technology and expertise, IOMA is committed to delivering unparalleled precision and efficiency to our clients.

Backed by a wealth of experience cultivated within Turner Iceni, IOMA brings a fresh perspective and an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in asset management. Our mission is clear: to empower our clients with actionable insights, optimise operational performance, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

At IOMA, we're not just monitoring assets—we're shaping the future of renewable energy. Join us on this exciting journey towards excellence and innovation.


Do what it takes to attain customer satisfaction and create long lasting relationships. Honour our commitments and agreements and demonstrate high standards of honesty, accountability, trust, professionalism and ethical behaviour in all our relationships.


Maintain excellent communication with our customers, to enhance the quality of their experience of dealing with us. Provide excellent communication amongst our employees, to help them do their jobs better and to develop the business and themselves as individuals


Provide a secure and safe working environment, provide development and career opportunities, compensate employees fairly, treat employees with respect and help employees achieve their maximum potential.


Make money to create a healthy business. Ensure our employees have sustainable job opportunities and guarantee to our customers the long term service and support they deserve


Work together as a team to successfully reach company goals. Share ideas, skills and resources with fellow employees to help fuel the company and individual growth. Show respect for fellow employees.


Enjoy our work through social interaction, freedom of expression, feeling pride through accomplishment and finding success by being the best at what we do.

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