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Coupling Failure

Customer: UK Customer

Sensors used: Vibration

Location: West Yorkshire, England

Savings: £30k - £50k

A rapid increase in vibration accelerometers indicated a fault on the flexible coupling.

FLOW was installed at a site near Keighley on the 4th of September 2019. Vibration levels on the generator, main bearing and bedframe were monitored along with the turbines operational parameters. The system detected a fault developing around the start of December 2019, and alarmed due to high vibration on all accelerometers - gearbox, shaft and bedframe. This was a rapidly developing fault with little indication in the lead-up to failure however FLOW was able to quickly detect this rapid increase in vibration which allowed the turbine operator to quickly shutdown the turbine. On inspection it was found that the flexible coupling on the slow speed shaft had failed but that no other components had been damaged.


“The FLOW system detected the fault in enough time for us to get a replacement coupling fitted. Without the system being installed the fault would have progressed and could have certainly had a gearbox and shaft failure. This resulted in a simple up tower repair instead of the Nacelle being removed and consequently a huge saving in the repair bill and the continued turbine up-time instead of being off for months.” UK-based customer

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